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New Volvo paver for Connor Construction

Volvo P8820C tracked paver

Volvo P8820C tracked paver brings a new dynamic to Connor Construction (South West) Ltd

CONNOR Construction (South West) Ltd have added a new Volvo P8820C tracked road paver to their existing fleet of predominantly Volvo-branded machines, bringing a new dynamic to the company’s operating portfolio. The 17.7-tonne P8820C paver has been supplied with a double-tamping VDT V78 ETC screed with a working width of 7.5m, adding an additional 6.0 tonnes to the overall machine weight.

Volvo say this combination of machine and screed is ideal for handling concrete-based materials (CBM), which are becoming more commonly used in sub-bases for new road construction projects.

The double-tamping effect is said to provide a 90%+ compaction ratio whilst the crawler-mounted chassis offers superior traction and a platform to pull against on loose granular material. The variable-width screed benefits from hydraulic cylinders which brace it when working at its full extent (13m max).

‘Opting for the larger crawler machine has added a new dynamic to our business and has helped us fill a niche in the paving market where CBM is being used,’ commented managing director Ian Webb.

‘The P8820C has been fully occupied since we took delivery of it eight months ago laying CBM on the Kingkerswell bypass near Torquay. Its production capabilities have been impressive and at one point it was laying as much as 400 tonnes of wearing course material in just two hours and twenty minutes.’

Moreover, the P8820C’s Volvo 8-litre Tier IV engine, which develops 182hp, boasts high fuel efficiency and ultra-low noise emissions. The machine has a 14-tonne hopper capacity and the conveyor system and augers are designed and built with good wear characteristics to counter the highly abrasive nature of CBM.

‘In our opinion, nothing comes close to competing with this Volvo tracked paver on both volume and compaction,’ continued Mr Webb. ‘The machine mirrors the quality of our wheeled Volvo pavers and is exceptionally well built and robust enough to put up with the demands of the paver hire market, which, by its very nature, can be extremely tough on the machines.’

Whilst Connor Construction purchased the P8820C with the double-tamping screed primarily to lay CBM, another reason for choosing the machine was the fact that it can be deployed on normal asphalt laying duties when required, giving the company added flexibility.

The impact of the double-tamping screed can be easily reduced to deliver the correct compaction for asphalt laying and the electric heating of the screed (which was supplied as standard) is simply switched on.

Utilizing straight-line technology, the P8820C’s EPM2 constantly monitors the speed and direction of the tracks ensuring a constant and accurate forward motion when laying material. Direction and speed are controlled by dials mounted on the EPM2 display located at the operator’s station.

This latest paver joins five wheeled Volvo P6870 pavers in Connor Construction’s fleet. Located just outside Frome, in Somerset, the company supplies plant and labour for projects ranging from residential driveways and forecourts to major highways and motorways, plus numerous local authorities.

As Ian Webb explained: ‘Besides the general resurfacing contracts, we relish the chance to tender for unique projects such as airfields, race tracks and cycle tracks, and not just in the south of England. We have and will go anywhere in Great Britain, either working on our own contracts or sub-contracting to the major aggregates companies.’

To support their operations, Connor Construction have added other vehicles to their fleet and now have three low-loaders hauled by Volvo FH tractor units, two new bitumen tankers along with other auxiliary equipment. 

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