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New solar-powered CCTV from Transport Support

Solar-powered CCTV

Latest security camera solution suitable for unmanned sites, disused quarries or remote locations

TRANSPORT Support have unveiled a new solar-powered CCTV camera system for the remote monitoring of quarries and industrial sites. The security camera is a completely standalone unit and transmits video images over 3G mobile communications network. 

The CCTV system can be triggered to send alerts using a number of different inputs such as video motion detection or via a network of wireless ‘tags’ that can sense vibration, flooding, temperature and tilting movements. Up to 20 sensor tags within 500m radio distance can be used. 

The company’s video surveillance camera provides HD quality evidential footage and is equipped with a 30W solar panel (power source) and flexible installation kit for pole, wall or corner mounting.

The solar-powered CCTV unit is fully weatherproof and capable of operating between –20°C and 70°C. According to Transport Support, their latest camera is a ‘true breakthrough in low-power technology’ based on the successful railway metal theft tag and gateway transponder product; optimized for UK climate and tested by British Transport Police in Scotland. 

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