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New slurry pumps from Pioneer

Pioneer Pump Ltd, the Suffolk based specialists in mobile sound-attenuated pumps, used last month’s Hillhead exhibition to introduce a completely new range of slurry pumps into their already extensive range of centrifugal pumps.

The new range, with the option of elastomer rubber or NI-hard liners, provides flow capacities up to 3,500 cu m/h and heads of up to 110m. All the pumps in the 18-model range can be driven by diesel engine or electric motor, depending on requirements, and optional self-priming is also available on all models.

The smallest pump in the new range is the PS21NI, which weighs 85kg and features a 1.5in (38mm) suction and 1in (25mm) discharge. Despite its size, the pump still has the ability to cope with 55 cu m/h and can manage head heights up to 90m, while solid-handling capability is up to 20mm.


The range is staged through discharge pipe diameters of 1in (25mm), 1.5in (38mm), 2in (50mm), 2.5in (75mm), 4in (100mm), 6in (150mm), 8in (200mm), 10in (250mm), up to a maximum discharge outlet of 12in (300mm) at the top of the range.

The largest pump, the PS300NI with its 14in (350mm) suction, weighs 5,470kg and is able to discharge up to 3,600 cu m/h and can manage head heights up to 102m. This model is able to handle dense slurries and solids in suspension up to 104mm.

Pioneer say the new slurry pumps are designed for a wide range of applications, such as return water from wash plants to lagoons, wastewater and sewage, dredging, dewatering and coal slurries. Like the other pump models in the Pioneer Pump range, the new slurry pumps come with a two-year warranty.



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