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New senior appointment at Carbon8 Systems

Maarten van Roon

Maarten van Roon appointed chief commercial officer with responsibility for growth strategy

MAARTEN van Roon has been appointed as chief commercial officer of Carbon8 Systems, the UK company that invented and owns a process that combines industrial waste and residues with captured CO2 emissions to produce high-value construction aggregate.

Mr van Roon (pictured), who joins the company after 16 years with Shell Group, where he held a series of commercial leadership roles across speciality commodities businesses, will be responsible for the delivery of Carbon8 Systems’ growth strategy across business development, sales and marketing functions.

John Pilkington, chief executive of Carbon8 Systems, said: ‘Maarten’s international experience in a range of energy and industrial markets will be invaluable to Carbon8 Systems as we seek to accelerate our growth.

‘As heavy industries, such as cement, face tougher emission targets, there is growing commercial interest in our proven carbon capture and utilization (CCU) solution. Drawing upon our experience of projects in the UK, France, The Netherlands and Canada, Maarten has a key role in growing our business in the UK and overseas.’

In the last 12 months, Carbon8 Systems have deployed their technology in two industrial sectors where greenhouse gas emissions reduction is critical towards achieving Net Zero: at the Vicat Group’s cement plant in Montalieu, France; and at AVR Energy’s energy-from-waste plant in Duiven, The Netherlands.

Carbon8 Systems’ proven and patented CCU solution is Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT) and is deployed via the CO₂ntainer – a modular, containerized solution, described as carbon capture in a box.

Mr van Roon said: ‘It’s exciting to be joining Carbon8 Systems at a time when governments and industry are needing innovative carbon capture technologies to help deliver their Net Zero ambitions.

‘Carbon8 Systems’ CCU solution delivers at three levels: sustainability performance, economic incentive and environmental benefit. This combination is quite unique and will drive our future growth.’

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