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2020 / 2021 Edition

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New research centre for alkali-aggregate reactions

A NEW research centre for the testing of alkali-aggregate reactions (AAR) – the International Centre of Research and Applied Technology for AAR – has been established at the laboratory of Mannvit Engineering in Iceland.

Operating in close co-operation with a group of international experts in AAR from leading universities, research organizations and companies, the centre will provide services to clients worldwide for the mitigation of AAR in new concrete.

The founder of the centre, Prof. Borge Johannes Wigum, has carried out research and consulting on AAR for the past two decades. The aim of Mannvit Engineering in this field is to continue to build on this, through a combination of collaboration and networking, to maximize the benefits of research and development activities and to improve the universality of new test methods.

At the centre, tests on aggregates, cementious binders and concrete mixes by improved concrete prism methods, will allow researchers to evaluate various mitigation measurements, such as the reactivity of aggregates and the use of pozzolanic admixtures. The test and research centre will also promote advanced and innovative solutions for the design and production of non alkali-reactive concrete.

In addition, the centre will continue to increase knowledge exchange by providing specific courses for the industry, facilitating technology transfer and acting as a liaison for societies and associations worldwide.

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