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New Renault trucks for Inert Recycling (UK)

New Renault C430 8x4 tipper truck
New Renault C430 8x4 tipper truck

Company adds eight C430 8x4 tippers to its 32-strong mixed fleet

INERT Recycling (UK) Ltd – specialists in haulage, muck-away, and land restoration services – have added eight new Renault C430 8x4 tipper trucks to their busy 32-strong mixed fleet for muck-away jobs, core landfill restoration work, golf course remodelling and a long-term project in West Sussex.

Specializing in muck-away services and taking on tough, demanding jobs that need to be completed in shorter time frames, the eight Renault C440 8x4s with Boweld steel tipping bodies for Inert Recycling fit the bill for all their contracting needs. 


Working along the M27 corridor, the new tippers (supplied by Sparks Commercial Services) will be operating 10h a day and were selected for their robust and reliable qualities. ‘We pride ourselves on our up-to-date modern fleet and we own our own tipping sites,’ said Bob Steele, transport manager at Inert Recycling. ‘We work our trucks extremely hard to get the job done for our customers. We can find out if a truck can’t cope with the demands quickly, but the Renault Trucks are definitely holding their own.’

Inert Recycling’s new C440s come fitted with the Optidriver ATO 2612F gearbox with automatic clutch (12 forward and three reverse gears), and a 13-litre engine delivering a maximum torque of 2,550Nm.

The tippers are also fitted with a steel bumper for maximum ground clearance to the chassis. For driver comfort, the vehicles are decked out with optional features, including four-point cab air-suspension with ride-height control, a heated/ventilated driver’s seat, a multimedia screen, and a leather steering wheel.

Mr Steele concluded: ‘Introducing a new manufacturer into a fleet can be a challenge but they’ve fitted in seamlessly; they are tough work horses, and the drivers love them. Sparks Commercial Services is performing well and providing significantly better service that the others.’


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