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New reflectorless total stations from Sokkia


"Sokkia Ltd have recently introduced their new Series 30R reflectorless total station comprising SET330R, SET530R and SET630R models."

"The Series 30R utilizes a visible red laser to facilitate quick and easy sighting; the beam is extremely narrow and can pinpoint the measuring position exactly. It can accurately measure to narrow objects, edges of walls or targets located at a steep angle, as well as through fences or trees."

"Unaided by a reflector the Series 30R measures over 100m every 1.3s with 3mm + 2ppm accuracy. If a glass prism is used, the range increases to 5,000m with 2mm + 2ppm accuracy."

"By continuously pressing the illumination key the Series 30R emits a visible laser beam for sighting the target without measuring the distance, allowing the operator to confirm the measuring point without looking through a telescope. Icons on the display screen indicate the type of target used for measurement — glass prism, reflective sheet or reflectorless. Small lithium ion batteries provide up to 10h of measurement time."

"IP66 environmental protection provides dependable operation in adverse conditions, including humid or dusty environments. The Series 30R’s internal memory stores 10,000 points of measurement data, however an optional memory card unit can be installed for the use of compact flash memory cards. For the SET530R and SET330R an optional SF14 wireless keyboard can be used to facilitate even faster measurement operation and easier data input."


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