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New PlantSmart module for TyreWatch

TyreWatch PlantSmart

Artificial intelligence-based predictive, real-time type pressure monitoring system for heavy plant

THE TyreWatch real-time tyre-monitoring system from RL Vehicle Management Solutions has been used by heavy plant operators and commercial vehicle fleets across Europe since 2013.

What is said to set this system apart and ahead of its rivals is the use of Artificial Intelligence, provided by TyreWatch AI, to accurately predict, in real time, the time to failure, so that pre-emptive action can be taken to prevent the costly consequences of tyre failure.

PlantSmart, a new module from TyreWatch, is a predictive, real-time tyre-monitoring system engineered to work exclusively with heavy plant no matter what brand of tyres are fitted. Tyre pressure and temperature data are transmitted by sensors that are securely mounted on the inner wheel rim inside the tyre.

Radial and bias plant tyres tend to have exceptionally rigid sidewalls, so there may be little visible sign of an under-inflated tyre during daily inspections, making it easy for an operator to miss. But when plant is carrying heavy loads, under-inflated tyres will quickly overheat, significantly reducing service life. Left unchecked, this will lead to costly premature tyre failure.

TyreWatch PlantSmart communicates with the TyreWatch server in real time using cellular connectivity. Automatic alerts and maintenance reports are sent via e-mail or SMS, and an LED warning light is clearly visible inside the operator’s cab.

TyeWatch predictive tyre management works seamlessly to continuously monitor and analyse vehicle tyres and automatically send out routine maintenance requirements, to predict and prevent potential tyre failure. This helps to maximize vehicle uptime, improve site safety, increase tyre service life, reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions, and optimize tyre maintenance.

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