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New material processing machines from IMS

The PM1200-20TB tracked pugmill
The PM1200-20TB tracked pugmill

Irish Manufacturing Services introduce new tracked pugmill and four-hopper tracked blender

IRISH Manufacturing Services (IMS) have launched two new material processing machines for the quarrying, mining, and soil remediation industries – the PM1200-20TB tracked pugmill and the BP1200-48TB electric four-hopper tracked blender.

The new PM1200-20TB tracked pugmill follows on from the PM1050-16TB model, which is operating throughout major construction sites and remediation projects. The main difference between the two pugmills is that the new PM1200- 20TB has two 5m-long feed hoppers holding 10m3 each, with separate feed hopper conveyors. The new pugbox design in tailored towards the production of roller-compacted concrete (RCC).

The BP1200-48TB electric four-hopper tracked blender
The BP1200-48TB electric four-hopper tracked blender

There is the option of two powder hoppers with load-cells and rotary valves for blending two powders at once on site. This removes the need and cost of premix bulk blending or having two silos with different powders ready for mixing different powder blends. Other options include vibrating hydraulic tipping grids and the ability to add two liquids at the same time. The plant is powered by a Cat C7 motor.

The second new product introduced this year is the BP1200-48TB electric four-hopper (each holds 12m3 of material) tracked blender. The BP1200-48TB is powered by a Cat C7 generator that can be connected to mains power and can drive a 24m radial stacker for extra stockpile capacity. The Nord electric gear drive motors allow for a wide range of accurate speeds to suit low-percentage blends.

Joseph McMeel from IMS said: ‘At IMS, we are always looking to be innovative and extending our product range, and with the success of our PM1050-16TB pugmill and BP1200-9TB two-bin tracked blending plant it was natural for us to look at what the next success story would be.’ 


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