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New iPad Apps from Case and New Holland

SiteWatch App

Latest SiteWatch and FleetForce Apps optimize access to equipment data for effective monitoring

TO help construction companies improve productivity, run more efficiently and reduce maintenance costs, Case Construction Equipment have launched their new SiteWatch App specially developed for the iPad.

Whether in the field, on the road or on vacation, the new App provides business owners and fleet managers with in-depth performance, productivity and maintenance data conveniently delivered to their iPads.


The SiteWatch iPad App provides actionable information to help manage fleet maintenance, optimize machine performance/utilization, minimize fuel consumption and idle time, and reduce total operating costs.

Among the key features the App provides are:

  • Review fleet details and locate machinery
  • Review and create geo-fences
  • Check utilization and working status durations (eg idle status, high-workload status, etc)
  • Review the status of alarms received within a selected time period
  • Review and analyze fuel consumption
  • Monitor machine health through the report of key parameters set within the web application.

Likewise, the new FleetForce iPad App from New Holland Construction is designed to help fleet managers run their fleet efficiently when they are in the field or away from their office.

Both Apps use an onboard communication device that monitors the machine’s CAN-bus network and transmits data to a designated user’s web portal.

The SiteWatch iPad and FleetForce Apps are available via the iTunes App store.


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