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New IBAA distribution arrangement for the Midlands

L-R: Sarah Lakin of Levenseat and Sam Roberts of Midland Rock
L-R: Sarah Lakin of Levenseat and Sam Roberts of Midland Rock

Levenseat announce new IBAA distribution partnership with construction suppliers Midland Rock

LEVENSEAT, a key player in the Scottish waste and resource management sector, have announced a new distribution partnership with Leicestershire construction suppliers Midland Rock. The partnership was formed to begin the distribution in the Midlands area of IBAA (incinerator bottom ash aggregate), a new lower-cost alternative to virgin aggregates for use in construction projects.

Commenting on the new partnership, Sarah Lakin, Levenseat’s business development manager, said: ‘When looking for a distributor in the Midlands, it was important Levenseat found synergy with a company that had a similar ethos with regard to environment, customer service, and transparency with clients.


‘We found that Midland Rock demonstrated all this and more and we are delighted that we can grow this geographical area of the IBAA market together for the betterment of the construction industry. The Meldgaard processing system is amongst the best in the world and the cleanliness and performance of the ensuing IBAA is unrivalled in the UK.

‘We are looking forward to working with Midland Rock to help the construction industry realize the potential of this material and increase the utilization of IBAA.’

To date, 8 million tonnes of IBAA have been successfully used in construction projects in England. It is a sustainable, low-cost alternative to virgin aggregate and is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ product for a wide range of applications, including road construction, ground fill and more.

Sam Roberts, commercial director for Midland Rock, said: ‘This partnership with Levenseat is a great asset to our construction material delivery across the Midlands, adding even more sustainable products to an ever-demanding market. With innovative production processes, the quality of the products that will be available are sure to be a game changer in the IBAA marketplace. We cannot wait to begin this venture with the team at Levenseat.’

With six new incineration facilities opening in Scotland alone by 2026, IBAA offers a robust and expansive way forward in reducing carbon and the overall cost of infrastructure projects in the UK. It also provides a perfect circular economy opportunity.

The incineration process of municipal waste creates an incinerator bottom ash (IBA), which, after being processed through metal extraction, produces a man-made aggregate (IBAA) containing brick, stone, glass, ceramics, concrete, and fused clinker. This provides a consistent, clean material with the equivalent gradings, compaction, and shear box test results as virgin materials. IBA, however, offers a carbon saving of 106kgCO2e per tonne.

As such, Levenseat say IBAA offers the construction industry an equal alternative to virgin aggregate that is both sustainable and cost-effective.


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