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New high-lift from JCB

The new 416 Super High Lift from JCB has been developed from the 416 and joins JCB's other High Lift models, the 411 and 436.

Developed in response to customer demand, the 416 Super High Lift has longer loader arms and JCB's four-ram geometry for higher lift and better visibility. The machine offers a lift height of 4.46m (14ft 8in) combined with a dump clearance of 3.47m (11ft 5in). When fitted with a standard quick-hitch-mounted general-purpose bucket a 2.44m (8ft) forward reach at dump height is achieved, which means that high sided trailers can be loaded correctly from just one side.

The new machine features a 150hp engine and a six-speed fully automatic transmission. Limited-slip differentials are also fitted as standard on both axles reducing wheel spin and increasing tyre life. The automatic transfer of torque increases tractive effort where site conditions are poor.

Other features include a variable-displacement piston pump for increased efficiency and reduced fuel consumption, together with optional air-conditioning for maximum operator comfort.

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