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New hi-vis range of clothing from Arco

Arco regularly review the ranges they offer to customers to ensure quality and value as well as incorporating latest technologies. As a result of this approach, the clothing team has spent considerable time designing and developing an entire new range of hi-vis garments for a variety of industries, following extensive discussions with customers and in-depth market research. 

Hi-vis garments are required more and more and there is a growing demand for workwear to incorporate different types and levels of protection to avoid additional garments having to be worn. But creating new designs to include different requirements and meet various standards in one piece of clothing has been a challenge for Arco and so are pleased to be launching a vast range that meets or, in some cases, exceeds the customers’ requirements and adheres to the standards.

The new, launderable, hi-vis range, incorporating own-label garments only, is branded to offer a simple three-tier system:

Arco = a traditional hi-vis range that conforms to EN471

Element II = a waterproof, breathable Gore-tex range conforming to EN471 and with GO/RT certification


Tectiv = a polyester cotton range of garments offering flame retardency and anti-static qualities as well as GO/RT certification.

Depending on the work environment, customers can pick and mix garments from across the different ranges to provide the correct protection, ie mixing launderable polyester cotton garments from the Arco branded range with breathable and waterproof garments from the Element II range.

The Tectiv range includes a jacket, coverall and trouser that combine launderable polyester cotton with orange hi-vis and GO/RT certification. These garments benefit from a Teflon finish, handy pocketing and launderable hi-vis tape. A specific development with all the trousers in the hi-vis range is the location of the tape. The research conducted by Arco revealed that hi-vis tape on the knees would reflect sunlight and create a glare that was particularly dangerous to the wearer when sitting in cabs. Consequently, simple relocation of the tape away from the knee but still ensuring conformity to the standard has removed this danger.

The Nomex range, which incorporates Nomex fibre, includes garments developed to protect against possible electric arc. The new range of clothing for electric arc includes a polo shirt, coverall, jacket and trouser so that a ‘layering’ effect can be created.

All the new garments are included in this year’s Big Book, Arco’s established annual catalogue and the company is committed to further developments with the introduction of more new ranges in the coming months.


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