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New heavy-duty modular conveyors

Easikit heavy-duty modular conveyor

Easikit Conveyor Systems introduce new heavy-duty modular conveyor to their ‘Easi’ range

Easikit Conveyor Systems have made great strides with the introduction of a heavy-duty modular conveyor into their fleet of ‘Easi’ conveyors. This range of conveyors, known as the ‘Easikit HD Plus’, offers a conveying solution to every arduous handling application. For those requirements outside of the scope of the company’s standard range of Easikit conveyors, HD Plus conveyors are said to excel in their capabilities to transport the most demanding loads.

A range of standard widths are available from 500mm to 1,200mm and a large variety of section lengths are available from as little as 330mm up to 12m. Wider conveyors are available to meet special applications. Like other Easikit products, the sections are simply joined together on site to produce a conveyor to the required length up to 1km. A radial stockpiling conveyor is also offered as an alternative to a static installation.

Sections are constructed from heavy-duty steelwork forming a robust lattice framework and, like other Easikit conveyors, are finished in a tough, durable galvanized finish to withstand the harshest environments.

Components from the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Rulmeca, Dunlop, Schneider, SEW, Sandvik and many more, have been carefully selected and incorporated in the conveyors.

These conveyors have been designed with simplicity and functionality as the forefront. At any point, service catwalks, drive-head platforms, hoods, load channelling, covers, adjustable discharge hoppers, scrapers, emergency stop cables and support posts can all be added without the need for welding – just simple nuts and bolts. 

Stand: 0A125

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