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New excavator from Doosan

The DX235LCR is designed to meet the continually growing demand for reduced radius crawler excavators for work near buildings and in confined areas. The trend towards reduced radius machines has been accelerated by the premium space on construction sites and, in particular, with road and rail construction, the requirement to keep adjacent lanes and track open whilst working alongside them.

The range of applications runs from general construction to renovation and refurbishment of roads, highways and other civil engineering works, where a reduced radius is an important feature to minimize disturbance to surrounding traffic as well as the potential for damage to the surrounding environment. At the same time, the long carriage (LC) design of the DX235LCR is intended to offer stability in all operating conditions, including heavy digging and lifting operations.  

The DX235LCR’s swing diameter is just under 4m (3,990mm) with a tail swing of 85mm over 800mm wide tracks. Due to the short radius design, the tail swing is 1,070mm less than that of the conventional chassis DX225LC, whilst the minimum swing radius is 2,310mm.

Powered by a six-cylinder Doosan turbocharged diesel engine providing 123kW (166hp) at a maximum governed speed of 1,900 rev/min, the DS235LCR has an operating weight of 23.6 tonnes and a maximum digging depth of 6,670mm. The dump height is 7,925mm, whilst the maximum digging reach is 9,821mm.

The arm and bucket cylinders are sized to provide enhanced excavating force. Digging force over the bucket is 14.2 tonnes, whilst that over the arm is 10.3 tonnes. Use of power boost increases both forces by about 5%, said to be the highest forces of any excavator in this class. Due to the high engine power and the high swing torque, the DX235LCR can work efficiently on slopes. Swing speed is 11.3 rev/min.

There are two travel speed ranges with a maximum speed in low range of 3.1km/h and a maximum speed of 5.8km/h in high range. Drawbar pull is 23.8 tonnes.

The DX235LCR has as standard an ‘auto-idle’ feature that reduces fuel consumption and noise and creates a more comfortable environment. The auto-idle feature, which can be activated at the operator’s discretion, automatically causes the engine to drop to idle if the excavator functions are not used for a period of about four seconds. The engine automatically returns to the pre-set throttle position when the operator moves a joystick or a travel function.

The load sensing piston pump and the closed centre valve allow fine metering of hydraulic flow for smooth, precise control of machine functions, while reducing hydraulic noise. The boom and dipper arm cylinders are cushioned to provide a smooth, end-of stroke operation.     

The auxiliary hydraulic flow and pressure allow the use of all typical attachments available on the market.

The DX235LCR is equipped with a modern spacious operator cab, including use of ergonomic controls and instrumentation. Features include a rear-view camera and a straight travel pedal for trenching.

One area that has been given particular attention is that of meeting the low noise levels achieved on other Doosan excavators. The noise level at operator ear is 72dB(A), whilst the noise level for bystanders is 101LwA.

Engine service intervals are 500h and the DX235LCR also shares the extended lubrication intervals of the whole Doosan excavator range. The water trap and the engine oil filter are both located in the hydraulic pump bay for easy access from the ground level.


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