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New equipment features for Sennebogen 830 excavator

Sennebogen 830 demolition excavator

Updated demolition machine offers higher reach and works over projecting edges with new articulated boom 

MAXIMUM safety, high productivity, and cost-efficiency are just some of the key factors that can determine the success of a demolition project. And to meet these requirements, Sennebogen have introduced new equipment features on their multi-functional 830 demolition excavator for even more efficient demolition and dismantling.

Easy to handle, quick to assemble, and simple to transport, the tried-and-tested 830 machine’s three-part longfront equipment not only provides a maximum pin height of 23m (75ft) but also offers operational flexibility, particularly for dismantling work in urban areas.

The Sennebogen 830 demolition machine has been specially designed to work in cramped, inner-city construction sites, thanks to its eco-friendly, low-emission engine technology, compact dimensions, flexible operation in 360-degree swivel mode, and various other equipment options.

The 830 machine has an outrigger with a standing width of up to 4.5m (14ft 9in) and an elevating cab that can be titled up to 30 degrees giving the operator a clear view of the equipment whilst keeping them at a safe distance from the danger zone. 

With the 830 excavator’s fully hydraulic quick-change system, shorter handling equipment can be picked up quickly and safely at the push of a button. A wide variety of demolition attachments (eg cutters, pulverizers etc.) can be used on the 830 and the machine can now work over projecting edges with a new articulated boom.

The demolition excavator is easy to dismantle for transportation, thanks to a fully hydraulic removable counterweight, which reduces the transport weight by around 10 tonnes via remote control. Incorporating a telescopic crawler undercarriage, the 830 has a small transport width at 3m, whilst the wide support base ensures a high level of stability in telescoped configuration.

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