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New ‘e-range’ pumpsets from DXB

DXB pumpset

DXB Pump & Power launch new environmentally friendly portable pumpsets for UK quarry market

DXB Pump & Power Ltd, the newest pumpset manufacturers in the UK, are launching their brand new ‘e-range’ of Tier 4 emission-compliant pumpsets on to the UK quarry and construction markets.

Offering flow rates of more than 800 cubic metres per hour and pressures beyond 9 bar or 90m from engines as small as 2.2 litres, the new pumpsets are said to be the most energy-efficient and lowest-cost-to-own units built in the UK today.


Powered by Tier 4 Isuzu and JCB 444 four cylinder engines, the new DXB ‘e-range’ range consists of seven models capable of generating such high flow rates using so little fuel that they are considered to be a real game changer for the industry, says Simon Ruffles, owner and managing director of DXB Pump & Power.

‘Our small team is really excited to launch this outstanding range of pumps to the UK market, as this is the next step in developing more fuel-efficient pump technology for the UK and Irish markets,’ he commented.

Through the use of carefully designed pumps, Mr Ruffles says DXB have exploited the Tier 4 engines’ ability to operate most efficiently at only 1,500 rev/min to make the range the quietest and most environmentally friendly pumpsets available, compared with the next best competitor on the market which has to run 20% faster.

‘It is really clear that the market is demanding pumps that have lower wear rates, lower fuel burn and longer service cycles, and the only way to do that is to design pumps that run slower and more economically with these new engines,’ he explained.

‘Our new e300/20 is the only 150mm pump on the European market at present that is capable of 300 cubic metres per hour of flow at 2 bar which, means being able to pump this much flow over a greater distance with only a small 2.2-litre engine – half the size of one competitor and at 25% slower speed than another.’

Claiming to offer the most comprehensive range of quarry pumps available in the UK, DXB Pump & Power say the ‘e-range’ is just one of six ranges of pumpsets they offer that focus on reducing environmental impact, costs of ownership and downtime at quarries and mines.

The complete range of pumps, including slurry pumps, offers flow capabilities of more than 3,000 cubic metres per hour and pressures beyond 20 bar.


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