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New Cat 777G off-highway truck

Cat 777G

Launched earlier this year, the Cat 777G Off-Highway Truck is said to introduce outstanding performance, production and fuel efficiency in the 91-tonne size class. The 777 was first introduced by Caterpillar in 1977 and has proven to be a workhorse for mining and large earthmoving customers. Replacing the 777F, the new 777G has been designed to deliver greater levels of production and fuel efficiency as well as enhanced safety, operator comfort and service convenience.

The 777G achieves greater production with 7% more torque and new transmission controls that produce quick haul cycles with automotive-quality gear shifting. The production increases are balanced with new fuel-saving strategies that include configurable economy settings as well as an adaptive economy mode that automatically optimizes fuel consumption based on the user’s production baseline. Fuel savings also are realized through features such as auto-neutral idle and next-generation APECS transmission controls, where the truck becomes more fuel efficient at idle in a forward gear and when climbing grades. Customers can choose to engage features such as Engine Idle Shutdown and speed limiting to further improve fuel savings.  

In addition to its fuel efficiency, the 777G is quieter and produces fewer emissions. Caterpillar have introduced their US EPA Tier 4 Final solution on the 777G two years in advance of the effective date of the regulation. The solution is both simple and robust and includes engine technology combined with diesel oxidation catalysts. For operations outside of areas regulated by the US EPA, the 777G reduces emissions with Tier 2 or EU Stage II equivalent technology and fuel efficiency.


The 777G also features new designs to enhance the safety and comfort of operators and maintenance personnel. The access system is wider, low effort and convenient with new hand rails promoting three points of contact, while inside the cab the operator experiences 50% less sound compared to the previous model. Object Detection comes standard on the 777G, using a combination of radars, an in-cab display and multiple cameras to provides the operator with enhanced awareness for increased site safety.

Maintenance is quick and convenient with ground-level service centers for electrical connections (located on the front bumper) and fluids. An optional fluid-fill center provides access to all fluids from one centralized location, with a lighted keypad and level indicators giving operators instant information on what needs filling.


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