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New Breining micro-surfacing applicator for EST

Eurovia micro-surfacing machine

Eurovia Specialist Treatments add new computer-controlled applicator to company’s micro-surfacing fleet

EUROVIA Specialist Treatments (EST) have bolstered their micro-surfacing fleet with the addition of a new Breining applicator with an onboard computer system that allows automatic product mixing with pin-point accuracy.

The new Breining has already demonstrated its improved efficiency capabilities in East Sussex, where the machine has successfully completed in excess of 75,000 sq metres.

The machine is fitted with the latest version of the Nova 2 computer system, assisted by an aggregate humidity sensor, which allows precise mixing accuracy. This is supplemented by the latest Euro 4 Deutz computer-controlled power unit, which has been installed to provide a much quieter and more fuel-efficient power supply.

The vehicle offers an increased emulsion tank capacity of 4,000 litres, allowing the teams to complete two full hoppers of aggregate to every fill-up of emulsion and saving valuable loading time during the day.

The built-in stainless-steel additive tank allows the contents to be kept at a much more stable temperature, whilst the aggregate hopper, which is also made entirely from stainless steel, has potentially twice the life of the conventional construction.

Paul Goosey, Eurovia UK production managing director, said: ‘The new machine strengthens the current fleet of micro-surfacing applicators that we have within EST, but continues to support the quality approach that we strive for…through the Capital Expenditure investment.’

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