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New Bobcat S630 and S650 skid-steer loaders for Europe

The new Bobcat S650 M-Series skid-steer loader The new Bobcat S650 M-Series skid-steer loader

Wider selection of machines now available for customers in higher-regulated European markets 

BOBCAT have launched new Stage V versions of the company’s M-Series S630 and S650 skid-steer loaders, designed for use in higher-regulated markets in Europe. Customers now have a wider selection in this size of machine, with a choice between the new M-Series S630/S650 models and the more advanced R-Series S66/S76 machines.

The new S630 radius lift path loader combines excellent manoeuvrability in tight areas with the reach and visibility needed for applications such as dumping materials over walls, backfilling, or loading flatbed trucks. The S630 has a rated operating capacity of 1,012kg and a tipping load of 2,023kg.


The S650 model features vertical lift path boom arms particularly suited to lift and carry as well as material-handling applications. The S650 has a rated operating capacity of 1,227kg and a tipping load of 2,455kg. Both models continue to offer excellent versatility through compatibility with a very wide range of Bobcat attachments.

Delivering superior performance while adhering to strict Stage V emission regulations, both the S630 and S650 are powered by the well-proven Bobcat D24 engine, featuring a Bosch fuel-injection system. With the engine situated transversally in the S630/S650, these models have maintained their compact size, allowing the machines to operate and turn in the same small tight spaces.

New engine technology results in lower fuel consumption for the same type of work. The first engine oil service interval has also been extended to 500h and improved fuel filtration means less frequent filter replacements. The S630/S650 are also equipped with versatile-duty tyres as standard. These have a bi-directional design for most common mixed surfaces, which again reduces costs by improving tyre lifetime significantly.

The base S630/S650 models are equipped with a new deluxe control panel offering a selection of most of the languages in Europe. Every machine is also equipped with Bobcat telematics solutions. The deluxe panel reduces the risk of misuse, thanks to the keyless start function. Options such as High Flow or 2-Speed can also be locked, if necessary, and protected by passwords.

New after-treatment technology (DPF) works automatically without any interaction during normal operation. If necessary, this technology can be easily managed from the menu in the deluxe panel, which allows the operator to monitor the machine and exhaust after-treatment. The new automatic multi-step engine low-idle sequence in cold conditions further improves engine performance.

As well as the deluxe panel, Bobcat telematics, and versatile-duty tyres, standard features on the S630/S650 include hand and foot controls, a deluxe cab with side windows, and a suspension seat. Options include a cloth suspension seat, selectable joystick controls (SJC), a deluxe cab with heating or HVAC, heavy-duty offset and severe-duty tyres, and Power Bob-tach.

On machines equipped with SJC, the auto-idle feature reduces the engine speed to low idle when the joysticks are in neutral position and have not been used for about five seconds. Auto-idle allows for quieter overall operation and reduced fuel consumption.

The standard warranty has been extended to two years (2,000h) with Protection Plus providing up to five years of coverage.


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