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New BDS aggregates report published


Third edition of BDS ‘Survey of the aggregates producing industry in Great Britain’ released

BDS Marketing Research have recently published the ‘Survey of the aggregates producing industry in Great Britain’ report. The report, published in September 2021, provides historical trends, current structure, and future prospects for the aggregates market, as well as information on producing companies, market shares and estimated outputs, and reserves for aggregates in Great Britain.

BDS estimate that around 237 million tonnes of aggregates were used in Great Britain in 2020, with primary aggregates making up the dominant share (c.70%) of the market and the remainder divided between recycled and secondary aggregates.


The third edition of this highly valued report confirms Tarmac as holding the greatest share of the aggregates market. This latest edition also acknowledges the fragmentation of the recycled/secondary aggregates market and recognizes the challenges associated with locating, securing, and producing aggregates alongside the political and economic uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report is one of a suite of aggregates-focused reports produced by BDS; others include:

  • The Aggregates Replenishment Industry in Great Britain
  • Estimated Outputs of Pits & Quarries and Marine Wharves in Great Britain (2020)

To find out more about the ‘Survey of the aggregates producing industry in Great Britain’ report or to purchase a copy of the report, email: [email protected]


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