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New ancillary products from Sykes Pumps

Settlement Tank HD

Pump specialist supports environmental compliance with two new on-site solutions

PUMP Hire specialists Sykes Pumps have introduced two new ancillary products to enhance environmental compliance on site with the launch of the Interceptor Drip Tray and the heavy-duty Settlement Tank HD. The move is part of a Sykes Pumps’ commitment to providing customers with high-quality, robust solutions that support an environmentally responsible approach to deploying pumping equipment across a wide range of applications and site environments.

The Interceptor Drip Tray is designed for use with any 2in, 3in, 4in or 6in pump to provide environmental protection against fuel or oil spillage. The 1,525mm x 2,440mm unit provides a solid base beneath the pump, with a depth of 303mm providing a capacity of up to 860 litres. A simple yet effective design, the unit provides instant protection against oil or fuel contamination of groundwater or nearby waterways, without the use of any filters or chemicals.


Sykes Pumps’ sales director, Chris Graham, explained: ‘All our pumps are designed to offer maximum efficiency and are regularly serviced to avoid any possibility of fuel or oil leaks. However, while a pump is deployed on site, fuel and oil can be spilt while refuelling or topping up, and uneven ground conditions can sometimes result in spillages.

‘The Interceptor Drip Tray can provide additional peace of mind and environmental compliance assurance. Environmental authorities insist on this high level of protection for any pump equipment used close to waterways or where there is a risk of groundwater pollution, so this robust unit is a valuable addition to our fleet.’

The new Settlement Tank HD adds to a range of settlement tank options from Sykes Pumps, designed to remove sediment from pumped water before it is checked for impurities and released back into the watercourse. This new heavy-duty option has been added to the Sykes Pumps fleet to provide greater durability on site and is particularly suitable for challenging environments, such as quarrying and construction.

Mr Graham continued: ‘Our settlement tanks can be used on the discharge side of any pumpset to prevent silt or fine particles from being discharged in to the watercourse or drains. Each tank is fitted with a series of weir plates inside to aid separation. Quick-release bauer couplings, lifting eyes and drain plugs facilitate easy operation and rapid deployment on site. With a 3,000-litre capacity, the new Settlement Tank HD is compatible for use with any Sykes Pump.

He added: ‘Our pumps are in use across a wide variety of market sectors and all kinds of environments, and we remain committed to addressing the customer’s needs, regardless of the application and the urgency of the job. Part of that approach is delivering solutions that will help clients fulfil their environmental obligations with complete confidence and these two new additions to our hire fleet form part of that solution.’


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