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New 40–50-tonne excavators from Doosan

Doosan DX490LC-5 excavator

Largest Stage IV machines offer improved performance over previous Stage IIIB models

THE new Doosan 40- to 50-tonne DX420LC-5, DX490LC-5 and DX530LC-5 – the company’s largest Stage IV-compliant crawler excavators – are said to provide significantly improved performance compared with the previous LC-3 Stage IIIB models.

The increased productivity is most marked in the flagship DX530LC-5 model, where the lifting capacity over the side has been increased by 12%, although the lifting capacities in the DX420LC-5 and DX490LC-5 have also increased by an average of 5%.


The new 42-tonne DX420LC-5 is powered by the Scania DC13 diesel engine, providing 257kW of power at 1,800 rev/min. The DX490LC-5 and DX530LC-5 are also both powered by the Scania DC13 diesel engine, but this time providing 283kW of power at 1,800 rev/min.

Operating at a much lower engine speed of 1,800 rev/min, down from 2,000 rev/min in the Stage IIIB models, the new engines in the LC-5 machines are said to offer significant reductions in fuel consumption, which factory tests have shown to average 5% across the three models. In addition, the move to the Scania DC13 diesel engine in the DX420LC-5 excavator has provided an increase in torque of 11%.

As well as the fuel-efficient Scania engines, other new innovative and exclusive features have been introduced that together lead to further reductions in fuel consumption, amounting to an average of 6–13% compared with the Stage IIIB machines.

In addition, the DX420LC-5, DX490LC-5 and DX530LC-5 are factory-installed with the new CoreTMS state-of-the-art wireless fleet-monitoring system, a feature not previously available as standard on Doosan excavators but now incorporated in all new LC-5 generation machines above 14 tonnes.

Also, the new cab on the three machines has been further refined for increased operator comfort and ease of operation. New gauges, functions and menus have been added to the control panel, including a new AdBlue gauge, while a new quick-menu bar has been installed which allows key functions to be accessed quickly, without having to go through all the menus and validations.

All current options including narrow tracks, short and long arms, shoes and hydraulic lines are available on the DX420LC-5, DX490LC-5 and DX530LC-5. The latter offers a 9m boom and a 6m arm with a reach of 16m, or an 11m boom with an 8m arm with a reach of 19.5m.


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