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More than 100 landfill sites closed during recession

Marketing consultancy publishes latest annual report on the state of the UK landfill sector

BDS Marketing Research Ltd have identified more than 100 landfill sites that have closed since 2008. Over the last year alone, 27 sites have closed, although this has been mitigated by 12 sites opening or re-opening.

Landfill closures have been the result of a number of factors. Some sites have completed their void and planning consent has not been granted for an extension or the site has come to the end of its natural life.

The recession has also hit waste volumes with some sites being mothballed. The development of alternative waste treatment options is also diverting waste streams away from landfill.

These conclusions are part of the annual report published by BDS Marketing Research Ltd which estimates the volumes of waste accepted at individual landfill sites in the country.

BDS estimate that the largest national landfill company continues to be WRG. They are thought to be the largest operator in an area extending from the South East to the North West.

Biffa are the second largest landfill company, followed by Viridor. Together, these three companies represent over 40% of the landfill market.

Veolia, SITA and Cory are also major players in this industry, and BDS estimate that the top six landfill companies represent nearly 70% of the market.

For further details of the report entitled: ‘Estimates waste volumes deposited at landfill sites in Great Britain’ contact BDS Marketing.


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