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Molson appointed as Husqvarna dealer for UK

Husqvarna remote-controlled demolition robots
Husqvarna DXR demolition robots offer increased safety, efficiency, and productivity

Equipment distributor adds Husqvarna demolition robots to its ‘single source supply’ offering

MOLSON Group have been appointed as UK distributors for the DXR range of remote-controlled demolition robots from Husqvarna, including the provision of genuine spare parts and maintenance.

The UK equipment dealer has added the brand to its portfolio of product offerings primarily for the demolition robots’ safety benefits, with the machines able to carry out dangerous work that would otherwise be undertaken by manual labour using handheld tools.


The Husqvarna DXR range is the latest addition to Molson’s ‘single source supply’ offering and four demolition robot models – renowned for combining high power with low weight and long reach, as well as being electric-powered – will be made available across the UK through Molson.

The Husqvarna DXR 145’s compact design and 360-degree rotatable arm have been specifically designed to provide complete manoeuvrability in constrained spaces, while the DXR 305 model offers the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class and is able to fit through a standard doorway, making it suitable for a range of applications.

All of the remote-controlled demolition robots are suitable for working in for challenging working environments, removing the need for people to work in unsafe spaces and delivering speed and efficiency for the end-user.

The DXR equipment can be combined with different demolition tools and attachments, including breakers, hammers, and steel shearers. With their extensive demolition industry expertise and knowledge, Molson are perfectly placed to advise customers on the most suitable options for their projects.

‘At Husqvarna, improving operator safety is our foremost priority,’ said Andrew Miles, country manager UK and Ireland at Husqvarna Construction. ‘Our DXR range focuses on making every working day safer, easier, and more productive for the user. When looking for a distribution partner, Molson was the obvious choice, being well-established in the demolition sector and able to ensure our range of robots and components are easily accessible to our customers.’

Phil Bates, commercial director of Molson Group, added: ‘The introduction of Husqvarna’s unique products reflects Molson’s commitment to safety, alongside efficiency and innovation. Husqvarna Construction are well-known for innovation and robust build quality. They are also constantly developing a growing product range that focuses on safety by removing humans from high-risk workspaces, which fits well with our customer and safety-focused approach.’


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