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Mixamate expand concrete pumping truck fleet

Mixamate concrete pumping truck

Company adds second all-in-one concrete delivery, mixing and pumping vehicle to its fleet

MIXAMATE, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mix on-site concrete and screed, have announced the addition of a second ‘all-in-one’ concrete pumping truck to their fleet, with a third machine already in production.

The unique truck provides concrete delivery, mixing and pumping from a single vehicle. At 11m long, the flexible vehicle is capable of pumping concrete up to 50m away at a rate of up to 12 cubic metres per delivery.


It eliminates the need to hire a separate concrete pump, administering concrete mixes directly from mobile batching plant to trench. This significantly reduces labour, delivery and transportation costs, as well as removing the problems traditionally associated with separate concrete pump storage and cleaning.

Since the launch of the original Mixamate concrete pumping truck in January this year, demand has been high for the all-in-one machine.

Chris Smith, managing director of Mixamate, commented: ‘Many contractors are seeing the advantage of only having one truck on site with a small footprint of just 11m and being able to offer delivery, mixing and pumping all in one. It has been very popular for short, smaller jobs around town where access is tight or the terrain is an issue. We hope to add even more trucks to the fleet this year.’

With the concrete truck fleet expansion, Mixamate aim to significantly ramp their business coverage across the UK construction market, in addition to the existing concrete delivery and screed pumping services they offer.  


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