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Mandata TMS provides perfect solution for Tipworx

Tipworx have gone paperless with a new TMS from Mandata

Going paperless pays off for bulk tipper operator with electronic weights captured and faster cashflow

DERBYSHIRE-based tipper operators and site-clearance specialists Tipworx report accurate vehicle weight recording, faster invoicing, and much improved customer service since signing up with Mandata just one year ago.

Supplying site clearance and aggregate delivery services to construction sites across Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Manchester, and the North West, Tipworx were looking for a transport-management system (TMS) which, among other things, would dispense with their outdated weight-recording ticket system, improve vehicle scheduling and allow tighter control of daily transport functions.


‘Mandata’s GoPlus and fleet-support apps have proved to be the perfect solution for us,’ said Joanne Clarke from Tipworx. ‘We used to have a constant backlog of paper tickets, which wasted time and made it difficult to tie completed jobs to invoices. Plus, we faced all the usual challenges of verifying deliveries, keeping in touch with drivers and doing vehicle checks.’

Using Mandata’s ManifestsPlus app, Tipworx are now able to capture exact vehicle weights electronically and with the ePOD app, each consignment can be instantly verified for the customer, with details automatically entered on to the invoice for quick despatch by email. This, say Tipworx, has had a very positive effect on cash flow. Moreover, the company’s drivers are delighted with the app because they no longer find themselves involved in disputes.

Also, with daily vehicle checks carried out and sent to the office using the Vehicle Checks app, immediate corrective action can be taken, which aids compliance and reduces downtime. Digital document retrieval, helpful during DVSA checks, and maintenance control also make life a lot easier, say Tipworx.

‘I’m delighted to say that the heaps of paperwork, rushed phone calls and potential disputes over deliveries and collections are a thing of the past,’ enthused Ms Clarke. ‘With just a click of the button, we can now upload weight, price and any other relevant data and provide the customer with an instant, accurate update. Then, with another click, we can transfer the details to our accounting system for entry on to the ledger.’

She added that GoPlus and Mandata’s integrated apps also come into their own for sub-contractors as well as for their own, experienced drivers. ‘The ManifestsPlus app, for example, allows us to quickly ping drivers regarding new jobs, route changes, delivery address or updates, while keeping customers informed with accurate ETAs.’

Although Tipworx needed to change from their previous system, the company says that the process was trouble-free and seamless, largely because of the one-to-one guidance and support provided by the Mandata team.

‘They made it all seem very easy,’ said Ms Clarke. ‘We had our own personal trainer to make sure the training and implementation went smoothly, with virtually no disruption to the business while we quickly bedded into the new system. Since then, the Mandata team have always been available on the phone if needed.’

From a safety perspective, GoPlus has also played a central role for Tipworx. The company is accredited as a SafeContractor by Alcumus, a leading provider of risk management, certification and accreditation services. ‘By using Mandata’s TMS, we not only exceed our own quality standard, but also provide a more efficient and value-based service to our customers,’ said Ms Clarke.

Mandata point out that GoPlus users can build their own dashboard views using an extensive set of KPIs to monitor business performance. In addition, GoPlus offers seamless integration with all Mandata enhancement apps, major pallet network systems and other third-party software, including accounts, warehouse, and customer ERP systems, thus simplifying processes for hauliers.

Ms Clarke concluded: ‘Digitizing our transport-management process with GoPlus and using Mandata’s ManifestsPlus and Vehicle Checks apps helps us manage everything from job creation and planning to job execution, proof of delivery, and invoicing – all in one place. For us, it’s been an easy transition to a system which is delivering greater benefits than we ever envisaged.’


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