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Management buyout at Raymond Brown

RBMR chief executive Stuart Harris

Senior management team and investment partners Elysium Capital complete MBO

HAMPSHIRE-based Raymond Brown Minerals & Recycling Ltd (RBMR) have announced the completion of a management buyout by the company’s senior management team along with new investment partners Elysian Capital II LLP.

RBMR are a leading regional integrated aggregates and recycling business operating across Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire, with a strong reputation for environmental responsibility.

Under the leadership of chief executive Stuart Harris and chief operating officer Steve Clasby, multi-million pound investments have been made across the company’s 12-site portfolio over the last three years, driving group sales to in excess of £30 million.

The buyout comes at a time when RBMR have identified significant further growth opportunities across each of their business streams.

RBMR say they will continue to develop their strong asset base, creating a number of new jobs as the business grows, by taking advantage of strategic regional mineral reserves, waste recycling opportunities and further developing the company’s presence within the high-growth incinerator bottom ash (IBA) recycling market.

Elysian Capital are a UK private equity organization who provide investment funding for businesses with significant growth opportunities.

Edward Brett, a partner at Elysian Capital, said: ‘The RBMR team have done an excellent job in developing a business with real strategic positioning and in putting a focus on the quality and long-term nature of what they do.

‘There are some very exciting opportunities to build on the foundation created, and the team has a real ambition for achieving significant growth.’

RBMR chief executive Stuart Harris said: ‘The transaction was a complex process and I felt that Elysian grasped quickly what makes RBMR so special and the nature of the opportunities ahead of us.

‘We have a clear vision and a number of exciting investment and growth opportunities within the organization and under this new structure.’

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Submitted by Mr Denis Lawler (not verified) on

Great to see this great company being brought over by people who understand the industry,well done to all.

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