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MAJOR launch new smartphone app


New app provides expert tools and up-to-date information for MAJOR screen media users and dealers

MAJOR, one of the leading global manufacturers of high-performance wire screening media, have launched a new smartphone app to give customers up-to-date information and access to advanced digital tools.

Called the MAJOR App, the tool is available for mining and aggregates producers and MAJOR dealers, with customizations for each. Depending on the type of user, the app includes marketing materials, expert documents and MAJOR’s newsletter.

The app also integrates with new MAJOR technologies, including the company’s innovative Flex-Mat ID Enabled and the Flex-Mat Sensor. In addition, the app features an augmented reality (AR) measuring tape.

‘MAJOR are committed to revolutionizing the screen media industry with new technology to improve convenience and profitability,’ said Peter Bauer, MAJOR’s R&D and innovation manager. That commitment started with Flex-Mat and now includes a suite of innovations for increased convenience and ease of maintenance.

‘The MAJOR App provides producers and dealers the information they need at their fingertips and integrates with our other recent innovations. We want our customers to know that this is just the beginning.’

The MAJOR App streamlines customer and dealer processes through the digitization of relevant product information and by integrating with customer processes.

App users can scan Flex-Mat panels outfitted with the new ID Enabled chip to immediately see screen media specifications. This makes the reordering process easier by eliminating the need to climb on to the screen deck to measure panels and reducing the potential for mistakenly ordering the wrong size.

The app also integrates with the new Flex-Mat Sensor screenbox vibration-analysis tool, giving the user the ability to operate the sensor and view vibration analysis reports. The Flex-Mat Sensor enables readings of screenbox vibrations within seconds and generates a report that can be sent or reviewed. The sensor allows users to review results and fine-tune their screen machine without shutting down the equipment.

The simplicity of the system’s design ensures valuable and actionable data without the requirement for a plant shutdown to calibrate the sensor.

The MAJOR App is outfitted with an AR measuring tool to improve ease-of-measurement of panels not outfitted with ID Enabled, allowing operators to use their phone’s camera to get an approximate panel measurement more quickly.

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