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Maintenance of button bits

Atlas Copco have introduced the upgraded Teroc S5i bit-grinding machine.

Like is predecessor, the Teroc S5, it is a semi-automatic bit grinder for the grinding of threaded and tapered button bits up to 127mm (5in) diameter. Equipped with automatic feed, automatic centering arm, high-speed table rotation and an auto-indexing bit holder, the S5i is designed to handle large grinding volumes efficiently and economically. The patented diamond grinding wheel system gives precise grinding results for both spherical and ballistic buttons.

A state-of-the-art electric locking device allows efficient grinding of bits with different heights, as it provides the same stroke length irrespective of bit height. The pulse counter featured on the previous model has been replaced by a time relay to set the grinding time for each bit; there is also a new adapter that simplifies the grinding of bits with short skirts. The S5i is equipped with a new spindle, allowing the change of grinding wheels without tools, and the position of the lamp has been changed to give improved lighting.

The control panel is now positioned higher and more upright for easier operation with sturdy easy-to-operate toggle switches.


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