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Magna Tyres unveil new M-Traction earthmover tyre

The new Magna M-Traction tyre
The new Magna M-Traction tyre

New off-road tyre designed for optimal performance in challenging terrains and weather conditions

IN response to the evolving demands of off-road earthmover tyre users and heavy-duty operators, Magna Tyres have introduced the M-Traction tyre. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology and robust construction, the new radial tyre is said to deliver superior traction, durability, and stability, ensuring optimal performance in the most challenging terrains and weather conditions.

Designed for use on articulated dumptrucks and wheel loaders, the Magna M-Traction E4/L4 tyre has a 17% deeper tread than the TRA standard E4. Along with a unique tread rubber compound and a strong multi-block pattern, these characteristics ensure improved traction and an extended service life.


The Magna M-Traction’s innovative design continues with an increased sidewall thickness paired with reinforcing rubber that boosts the rigidity of the tyre’s sidewalls. This modification allows a 16% increase in load capacity at the same air pressure compared with standard tyres. Moreover, the sidewall formula has been enhanced to improve puncture resistance by 10% and to reduce crack expansion after a puncture by 15%.

The unique tread rubber formula, incorporating hydrazide materials, minimizes heat generation while improving puncture resistance, offering a superior combination of durability and efficiency.

The Magna M-Traction features a strong and durable carcass, with robust and corrosion-resistant wires, and a high-strength five-ply steel belt construction. The tyre is equipped with a crown centre and shoulder reinforcement designed to prevent damage from sharp stones, while simultaneously enhancing the lateral stability crucial for heavy equipment.

Moreover, the tread grooves feature bottom studs with an anti-gravel clip design, significantly reducing the risk of puncture and groove bottom cracking. Additionally, strong anti-scratch tabs located beneath the shoulders provide unmatched stab resistance during side manoeuvres.

The Magna M-Traction E4/L4 tyre is available in 29.5R25 size with a 68mm tread depth.



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