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Lone worker protection

SBES Facilities Management Ltd have added a self-contained lone worker protection system to their LifeSaver safety alarm system range, providing even greater flexibility in personal emergency response, particularly in buildings where no adequate emergency response system exists.

The user wears a portable Lone Worker transmitter — either a pendant or belt clip version — which includes a tilt sensor that activates an alarm if the wearer falls further than a nominal 45º from vertical for longer than 25s. A pager unit with a colleague or first-aider on site alerts them to the emergency.

Providing a simple means of summoning help at the touch of a button, or even in the case of incapacity, the system offers unlimited extendibility to tailor functionality to each user’s individual needs.

Standard SBES LifeSaver system components comprise easily installed, wire-free ‘Help-Point’ alarm transmitters with a control panel that can be located in any operational control area.

With a fully integrated system, activation of an alarm transmitter sends an instant signal to the control panel, with a visual and audible display indicating the incident location. At the same time, the system automatically pages an unlimited number of people, such as first-aiders and safety staff, with the incident location, sends SMS alert text messages to mobile phones and activates networked PC’s with alert messages.

The highly visible Help Points are easily activated by anyone in trouble and are available in wall-mounted break-glass or push-button versions, a ceiling-mounted pull-cord model and a splash-proof version. The new Lone Worker alarm transmitters also solve the health and safety dilemma of employing individuals working alone or out of hours in hazardous situations.

There is no limit to the number of Help Points and Lone Workers in each named alarm zone, and the system allows for programming of an unlimited number of zones. A rechargeable battery back-up keeps the system fully operational for a minimum of 8h in the event of a power failure.


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