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Living with Minerals 5

John Cridland

CBI Minerals Group conference to take place at QEII Conference Centre in London on 17 November

THE CBI Minerals Group is the only organization in the UK that represents all the mineral extraction industries other than oil and gas. The Group’s primary aim is to promote the essential role that minerals play in the economy which, at around 300 million tonnes produced per annum, are the largest single material flow in the country and without which our way of life would be unsustainable.

To assist in the understanding of the importance of minerals to the economy, the Group set up of the UK Minerals Forum in 2006. Under an independent chairman, the Forum brings government observers, regulators, planners, NGOs and industry together to debate and raise awareness of issues relating to the prudent use, sustainable management and security of supply of indigenous UK minerals.


To ensure that the case for minerals continues to be made, the Group has also developed a series of ‘Living with Minerals’ conferences held at the QEII Conference Centre in central London, the next of which will take place on Monday 17 November 2014.

The Group is currently developing an industry-led UK minerals strategy which, once finalized, it is hoped government will be able to recognize and endorse. It is working closely with the UK Minerals Forum, to ensure that the strategy is sensitive to relevant third-party interests.

The theme for this year’s conference is ‘Towards a UK Minerals Strategy’ and it will be an important opportunity for the minerals community to help develop thinking on the strategy.

Speakers will include John Cridland (pictured), director-general of the CBI; Sir Mark Walport, Chief Government Scientist; Gwenole Cozigou, director Raw Materials, EU Commission DG Enterprise and Industry; and Professor Iain Stewart, leading TV presenter on geosciences.

As well as receiving an update on the emerging minerals strategy, delegates will receive the outcomes of two important UK Mineral Forum reports on historic production and future mineral production scenarios.

There will also be a panel discussion with representatives involved with current developments in the UK relating to unconventional oil and gas, tungsten, potash and the Tellus exploration in the South West.

The conference will be facilitated by BBC Today programme presenter, Justin Webb.

Living with Minerals 5 (LWM5) will be followed by a reception in the House of Commons, hosted by the All Party Parliamentary Minerals Group, at which Roger Williams MP, co-chair of the Group, will welcome guests and other keynote speakers.

Speaking about LWM5, CBI Minerals Group chairman Nigel Jackson said: ‘For the last 16 years, we have been working hard to educate key stakeholders about the essential role that minerals play in the economy. Maintaining sustainable supplies of both locally and globally sourced minerals for future generations should be a visible and key element of the UK’s national economic strategy. LWM5 will be an important milestone in developing the UK Minerals Strategy.’

For further details about LWM5, contact Mary Burling: [email protected]



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