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Lighter tippers offer greener future for Lafarge

NEW, lighter, more fuel-efficient tipper trucks are helping reduce the carbon footprint of Lafarge’s transport fleet.

The eight-wheelers have been developed with body manufacturers Wilcox and PPG along with tipper-ram suppliers Hyva and Edbro.

The trucks have been on the road for three months and are at the vanguard of Lafarge Aggregates & Concrete UK’s commitment to its green agenda.

Weight savings of at least 200kg have been achieved on the trucks thanks to slimmer and lighter tyres and redesigned bodies and lifting gear. As a result, each of the nine new trucks can carry an extra 200kg of load, improving fuel and delivery efficiency.

Nick Elliot, Lafarge A&C UK’s national transport manager, who was behind the weight-saving initiative, explained: ‘We have made simple changes which have added up to quite a remarkable achievement.

‘The new trucks offer a 0.3-litre saving per delivered tonne on fuel, meaning over three months they have been able to carry an extra 324 tonnes of material compared to the old trucks using the same amount of diesel.

‘This equates to a saving of 16 lorry movements and a consequent reduction in carbon emissions of 2,268kg. Take that saving over a year and it’s more than nine tonnes of carbon not being released into the atmosphere.

‘This may not be a huge amount in the grand scheme of things, but every little helps and we all have our part to play in protecting the environment,’ said Mr Elliot.

Development of the trucks took just nine months and Lafarge say they plan to introduce more of the new designs into the fleet year on year.

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