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Kleemann mobile screening plants

Kleemann MS 20D screen

Renowned for their innovative, high-performance mobile crushers, what is less well known about Kleemann is that they also supply a large selection of mobile screens to the industry. 

‘Screen plants are not as interesting as crushing plants from a technological point of view,’ said Markus Worner, head of sales at Kleemann. ‘Nevertheless, they play a very important role in the preparation of mineral raw materials and that's why we offer such a large selection.’ 

Kleemann currently offer no less than 12 different models of their Mobiscreen series (3.4m2-18.4m2). Similar to its mobile crusher range, the company has made a distinction between the screening machines for the contractor market – the ‘Contractor Line’ and ‘Quarry Line’.


Mobiscreen Contractor Line: The all rounder

The Contractor Line screen plants can be used very flexibly, both with regard to the material to be screened and to the operating location. Notwithstanding their high outputs, they can be easily transported and used efficiently for smaller quantities. 

The smallest plant in the range is the Mobiscreen MS 12 Z. This double-deck screen, which is designed for coarse material, is extremely compact both as a grizzly and classifying screen, and has a screening area of 1,220 mm x 2,750 mm (upper deck), making possible feed capacities of up to 200 tonnes/h. 

The MS 13 Z and MS 15 Z models are also  designed for coarse material and are equipped with two screening decks, with large screening areas covering higher output requirements of up to 400 tonnes/h. 

The MS 14, MS 16 and MS 19 units are traditional classifying screens, which are available in double-deck or triple-deck versions (only MS 16 and MS 19). With screening areas from 4.2m2 (MS 14 Z) up to 9.3 m2 (MS 19 Z and MS 19 D), material removal capacities of up to 500 tonnes/h are possible.

Mobiscreen Quarry Line: Robust and efficient for quarrying 

The Quarry Line plants are renowned for their extremely robust design, making them suitable for intensive and permanent use in stone quarries. The screens are particularly useful for linked machine combinations because, similar to the crushing plants in the Kleemann Quarry Line, they have diesel-electric drives. 

The MS 18 Z and the MS 20 Z are well suited to the primary screening of coarse rock, while for the screening of large quantities of smaller grain sizes, the MS 20 D or MS 23 D triple-deck screening plants are available. For example, the MS 23 D has a screening area of 18.4m2 across the upper, mid and lower decks and achieves a total screening output of up to 800 tonnes/h.


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