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Kemroc put on strong showing at leading demolition conference

Kemroc DMW 220 cutting wheel dismantling the cantilevers of the old Saar Bridge in southern Germany
Kemroc DMW 220 cutting wheel dismantling the cantilevers of the old Saar Bridge in southern Germany

Company showcases latest cutter attachments, technologies, and innovations at Fachtagung Abbruch 2024

EXCAVATOR attachments manufacturer Kemroc recently presented their latest products, technologies, and solutions at Fachtagung Abbruch 2024 – Europe’s biggest demolition conference. Held in Berlin, Germany, the event (22 March) attracted around 1,200 attendees and provided Kemroc with a platform to showcase their innovative cutting and milling attachments for excavators and backhoe loaders, which have successfully been used many times in complex demolition and dismantling projects.

The company’s DMW series cutting wheels, for example, have played a significant part in Kemroc’s success story. Catering to excavator operating weights from 14- to 60-tonnes, the cutter attachments feature two high-torque hydraulic motors on each side to ensure high drive power and maximum cutting forces in hard rock and heavily reinforced concrete.

Various cutting wheel variants and tooling are also available from Kemroc, which have opened a wide range of applications.


The DMW series cutter wheel attachments are renowned for their superior cutting force, increased productivity, and ability to perform in applications such as removing a temporary calotte base made of shotcrete during the excavation of Germany’s Trimberg Tunnel in Hesse.  

The cutting attachments have also proved themselves in construction and housing projects, demolishing existing concrete structures, and creating space for a residential quarter in Weigarten, southern Germany. 

Furthermore, a contractor used a DMW 130 cutting wheel to help replace two old stormwater overflow basins with newer, larger basins. Kemroc attachments were specified to demolish stormwater overflow tanks rapidly, efficiently, and with little environmental impact.  

According to Enrico Trender, sales manager at Kemroc, the company will look to further enhance the sustainability and energy-efficient performance of its demolition attachments. ‘In cooperation with our customers from the industry, we are constantly developing new demolition methods tailored to individual requirements,’ he said. 


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