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JCB update X-Series excavators with launch of JCB UX

The new JCB UX operating system for JCB X-Series excavators
The new JCB UX operating system for JCB X-Series excavators

Manufacturer introduces new JCB UX operating systems for a superior operator experience 

JCB have updated the interior of the X-Series excavator operator’s cab, introducing a larger touchscreen display with an interface that will deliver a superior user experience.

When the first X-Series models were launched in 2018, a wider, strengthened upper structure allowed JCB to install a larger, more comfortable Command Plus cab on the machines. With comfortable Grammer seating, improved visibility, upgraded air-conditioning, and lower noise levels, the Command Plus cab has proven popular with operators.


For 2024, JCB have updated the Command Plus cab, focusing on the human/machine interface with the new JCB UX operating system. The previous 7in display and rotary controller have been replaced by a new 10in colour touchscreen and updated switchgear and rotary controller as standard across the range. This display allows operators to create up to 25 user profiles, to save preferred customized lever and switch choices. Those profiles can be tailored to individual operators and transferred between machines of a similar specification, using a USB port within the cab.

JCB have also introduced keyless start on the X Series, with a short press of the button turning the display on or off. A longer press starts the engine, with a short press stopping it again. The monitor incorporates two trip settings, allowing greater analysis of fuel consumption and machine use. It can also be used to save hydraulic settings for up to 15 attachments in the attachments menu, with a quick-select key to access the shortcut menu on the six-button pad.

Changes to the media manager function allow connection to a full phonebook allowing easy answering and dialling of calls while operating the machine, whilst the previous 12-button switch panel behind the armrest has been removed, with many of the functions now controlled through the touchscreen. This includes the selectable immobilizer password code input, which is now included on the screen rather than through the 12-button panel.

Switchgear functions have been updated to allow faster access to the desired screen setting, while two buttons on the rotary controller pad now bring up dedicated climate control and media pages on the screen. For ease of use, there are still physical controls for cabin temperature, fan speed, and volume control, though these can also be accessed through the touchscreen. Engine speed is controlled by an updated rotary rev/min dial, with throttle settings of 1 to 9+, in addition to three work modes (Power, Eco and Lifting).

The operator can pre-set a number of ‘hot keys’ through the operator profile, including the buttons in the joystick levers as well as three hot keys on the switchgear panel. Simply drag and drop functions to the buttons on screen or select from the options displayed. This includes the ability to switch between ISO and SAE lever patterns for the joysticks.

Quick-hitch activation and locking has been further improved and the operator has the option to unlock the hitch without crowding the attachments by holding the rotary controller down for five seconds to unlock.

For fleet managers and plant hire companies, it is possible to restrict the personalization available to specific operators through an admin profile. This can be used to lock features on the monitor to prevent unauthorized use.

High-definition cameras are used on the X-Series machines and there is now an option for a new 360° camera system, providing a bird’s-eye view through the new monitor.

On the 220X model, digging performance has also been increased with a larger bucket ram and updated hydraulic main control valve. The result for operators is an 8% improvement in tearout force from the bucket whilst still retaining smoothness and controllability.


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