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J Clubb trial new Brigade radar safety system for mobile plant

Brigade obstacle detection system

Kent-based quarry operators trial radar obstacle-detection system to help improve safety on site

BRIGADE Electronics’ new radar obstacle-detection system is being trialled by J Clubb to provide operators with clear warnings of people or obstructions in the way of manoeuvring mobile plant.

The quarry operator is clearly a strong advocate of the industry’s health and safety objectives by trialling the latest methods of best practice. This includes vehicle devices to improve blind spots on large vehicles and machines, and to ensure the drivers manoeuvre more safely and efficiently.


The Brigade BS-8000 sensor system controls the radar beam pattern, so the spread of the beam can be restricted to the width of the plant for the length of the detection area to minimize false alerts on a busy site or in a crowded mine/quarry.

Mark Griffiths, a loading shovel driver for J Clubb, said: ‘The great thing about the Backsense sensor feature is that the installer can adjust it. This gives you leeway when manoeuvring especially in confined spaces.’

The in-cab display has a clear, easy-to-read visual warning with five LEDs corresponding to five distance zones from the vehicle. Mr Griffiths continued: ‘It is very easy to use. It comes on automatically and the red lights show you how far away you are, which makes manoeuvring easier.’

The warning buzzer has an adjustable sound level of 65 to 90dB making it audible in even the noisiest working environments. The BS-8000 is a fully programmable system and is said to be most flexible device on the market, offering a bespoke detection area from 3m to 30m in length, with a width between 2m and 10m.

The five detection zones can be tailored to suit the vehicle and its surroundings. Parts of the plant intruding on the detection area can be programmed out and system configuration is done with simple-to-use PC-based software.

There are three models available with fixed detection areas: 3m; 4.5m; and 6m in length. Brigade can fit the Backsense sensor using a new optional stainless steel bracket (BKT-017), which has multiple fitment options including under-slung, surface mounted or opposed.


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