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Improved visibility with MotionEye

VT MotionEye system

Vision Techniques run video analytics camera trials with Hope Construction Materials in Doncaster

VEHICLE safety experts Vision Techniques have recently completed successful trials of their new VT MotionEye system with Hope Construction Materials in Doncaster.

The new product is a reversing camera system that uses video analytics to track people using light, movement and speed, and alerts the driver of their presence through an on-board monitor.

The system has been installed on a Komatsu loading shovel thanks to safety, health and environmental manager Jason Moore, who felt there was a need for improved visibility and detection at the rear of the vehicle.

Vision Techniques’ sales manager, Andy Kendal, explained: ‘We’re one of the first safety providers to offer this new technology to our customers. Dangers can be seen by our MotionEye system before the driver spots them, reducing the risk of reversing accidents.’

According to Vision Techniques, one of the major benefits of the MotionEye system is that the analytics hardware can integrate with existing camera and monitors, regardless of the camera brand or type, making it a ‘universal upgrade’ product.

MotionEye has been developed specifically for the quarrying industry to tackle issues faced with visibility when reversing, giving an improved level of safety in an often potentially dangerous environment.

‘If someone was to walk in the path of a reversing truck with the MotionEye system, the video processor would highlight the person on the monitor and audibly alarm the driver. Anyone who is on the edge of the camera frame will also be highlighted using box-in-box technology,’ explained Mr Kendal.

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