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IMI Precision Engineering launch new online configurator

Online configurator

Online configurator cuts actuator specification time and complexity when ordering electric actuators

A NEW online application configuration tool, which allows engineers to specify their required actuator easily and quickly, has been launched by IMI Precision Engineering.

With the traditional manual specification of electric actuators often proving a time-consuming and complex task for engineers, the new configurator, which complements the IMI Norgren Elion Electrical Actuation Rodstyle and Rodless range, simplifies the process and allows users to benefit from a wealth of knowledge and expertise to ensure they select the most efficient and accurate actuator.

Previously, customers would have to input a number of functional requirements, such as force, speed and torque of the motor, often creating undue and costly delays and resulting in multiple options and complex configurations when ordering electric actuators’

However, the innovative software behind the IMI Precision Engineering online configurator allows customers to quickly input their required application criteria, such as distance, load and time, and leave the configuration tool to automatically specify the actuator to best meet these needs.

Users can also add additional information as part of the specification process, such as size, communication protocols and mountings.

Simon Gass, global product marketing manager - actuators for IMI Precision Engineering, said: ‘The online electric actuator configurator represents another step up in our commitment to excellent customer service.

‘While it does not replace the personal support and advice available to customers from our technical team, it undoubtedly makes the initial product specification process much easier and quicker, which we know can be a customer pain point when it comes to selecting products.’

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