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HT182M trommel helps expand waste management park

HT182M trommel screen

Stelex Construction Equipment Ltd have recently installed a HT182M model heavy-duty trommel into an old quarry in the heart of England. The deal, which was done against stiff competition, was completed very quickly and the trommel was installed within a matter of days.

The operator has an existing Hercules trommel at another site which has been running successfully for many years without any problems. The new 500 tonnes/h trommel is being used to expand the quarry at a busy waste-management park.

The feed material is highly contaminated with wet and sticky clay and the role of the trommel is to remove the high clay content from the feed material, supplying clean stone to a tracked jaw crusher which is producing a range of sellable products for the operator.

The heavy-duty trommel barrel is designed to cope with the feed material characteristics of each individual project. The aim is to provide an efficient screening action in all weather conditions regardless of how problematic the feed material may be and in-line with the individual customer’s specific requirements.  

For this project the feed material is delivered to the trommel in articulated dumptrucks and loaded with an excavator into the wear-resistant feed hopper. The rejected fines material is being used to form the clay liner and capping layer in the landfill. A clean Gabion material is also produced from the trommel as a sellable product or reprocessed with the jaw crusher giving added value to the trommel.

The trommel has been supplied with a Cat diesel power unit which allows it to run in any area of the site without mains power.

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