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Hitachi ZX350LCN-6s enhance reliability in Italian quarry

Hitachi ZX350LCN-6

Operators praise the speed, power, comfort and reliability of their new dash-6 tracked excavators
BASALTO La Spicca SpA have replaced two of their Hitachi Zaxis-3 medium excavators with two new Zaxis-6 models due to increasing demand at their basalt quarry in southern Umbria, Italy. The country’s official Hitachi dealers SCAI delivered the new ZX350LCN-6s with five-year/10,000-hour HELP extended warranty and service contracts.

In addition to two other Hitachi excavators, a ZX520LCH-3 and a contractor’s ZX470LCH-3, and two ZW250-5 wheel loaders, the new Zaxis-6 machines are already making a positive impact in the quarry near Orvieto. They are equipped with double-grouser shoes to enhance their stability on the quarry floor and 1.8 cubic metre rock buckets, and one has a quick coupler as it also uses a hammer attachment.

Half of the quarry’s output is currently used to produce rail ballast and the other half is used in the production of asphalt.


Basalto La Spicca have always owned Hitachi machines and the arrival of the two latest models is set to strengthen their 30-year working relationship with SCAI even further.

‘We are loyal to the Hitachi brand because of our relationship with SCAI and also due to their close proximity – the SCAI office is only one hour’s drive away,’ said quarry manager Luca Dominici.

In addition, Mr Dominici highlighted the high quality of the hydraulic systems and overall reliability of Hitachi equipment. ‘Our machines don’t break down. We had no problems with the ZX350LC-3 after 12,000 working hours, and so the new models (with HELP) promise to be even better,’ he said.

Mr Dominici and the operators on site have noticed several differences between the latest and previous generation of Hitachi Zaxis excavators. In terms of fuel consumption, the Zaxis-6 models are said to use around 30% less fuel per hour than the Zaxis-3.

Marco Maccaglia has been at the company 14 years and an operator for five. He said: ‘The dash-3 was a very good machine, but the dash-6 is quicker – for example, when it travels from one part of the quarry floor to another over short distances, it has more power and is more stable and precise. There is also a high level of comfort and less noise in the cab, which allows me to enjoy my work even more.’

Constantin Rotaru, who has been an operator for 14 years and with the company for eight, agreed with his colleague: ‘The new machine is more stable, faster and more fluid in its movements. When pulling rock down from the face of the quarry, the undercarriage doesn’t move at all. There is a big difference in the speed of movement, even in ECO mode. The seat and overall cab comfort are excellent too.’


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