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Hitachi ZX27-3 delivers performance and portability

Hitachi Construction Machinery (Europe) have expanded their range of mini excavators with the introduction of the ZX27-3, which is suitable for general-purpose construction and landscaping projects.

The machine is easily transportable, offers improved handling, comfort and safety, and is said to be one of the most cost-efficient mini excavators in its class.

The ZX27-3 is equipped with a 19.1kW engine, which provides enhanced performance while still meeting strict EU environmental regulations. Its power-to-weight ratio results in rapid acceleration and smooth handling. The new Zaxis is also highly productive thanks to its strong digging force and fast front speed. The machine is easy to operate and the inclusion of swing parking and travel brakes allows improved operation on inclined terrain and within confined spaces.

The spacious cab has a large seat with adjustable backrest and is equipped with suspension to provide a comfortable working environment. It also rests on four shock-absorbing rubber mounts, which help to absorb vibrations during operation. Fingertip control, multi-function, short-stroke levers have been ergonomically designed to help reduce operator fatigue. The changeover switch has been moved to the blade lever so that the operator can check its position without disrupting operation. The conveniently located foot pedals can be folded away when not in use.

Improved safety features include a cab top guard that has been designed to be fully compliant with worldwide safety standards. An auxiliary power outlet is provided on the outside of the machine as a convenient source for working in poor light or at night. The ZX27-3 can also be fitted with an optional theft-deterrent system. Other key features include a neutral engine start system, which helps to avoid accidental movement, and a single pin in the vertical swing post and HN bushings to minimize wear and jerking.

The machine's D-shaped frame provides additional durability and helps to prevent damage caused by obstacles. The boom cylinder cover is reinforced with a triangular rib and the bucket hose is stored in the arm to prevent damage. In addition, reinforced box-section blade stays are utilized for higher resistance loads.

Parts such as the air, fuel and oil filters are easily accessible for rapid servicing and inspection, therefore reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Side steel covers are detachable and repairable, and the front hose can be readily disconnected on the back of the boom for quick replacement.

The ZX27-3 has a machine weight of 2,710kg, which means it can be easily transported by a trailer fitted to a standard vehicle.


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