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Hiab launch new recycling crane

Hiab recycling crane

Latest Jonsered system designed for collection and removal of waste materials during digging 

HIAB, specialists in on-road load handling equipment, recently showcased their newest innovation in recycling cranes – the Jonsered 1200RS – at last month’s IAA exhibition in Hannover, Germany. 

The new crane is designed for collecting and removing waste materials from digging applications, as well as transporting and delivering filling material such as sand and gravel. 

According to Jon Lopez, vice president, forest cranes at Hiab, the Jonsered 1200 RS crane gives the operator an optimum balance between reach, weight and capacity. 

‘In the rapidly urbanizing world, efficiency in recycling is becoming more and more important,’ he commented. ‘Collecting and removing residue material needs to be safe and rapid when working in an urban environment. The equipment has to be reliable and durable so that the operator can work efficiently. Our response to these demands is the Jonsered 1200RS recycling crane.’

Toni Ahvenlampit of Hiab added: ‘Total cost of ownership is a focal area in our new product development. In this crane we have made variable pumps available as an option, which provides reduced fuel consumption, as well as a longer oil life thanks to lower oil temperatures. Another priority was to ensure a safe, ergonomic and well-functioning working environment for the crane operator.’

Safety features in the recycling crane include overload protection and variable stability limit function. There is also an operator protection system that creates a ‘virtual safety cage’ protecting the driver when operating the crane from a stand-up platform.
The Jonsered 1200RS has been designed with operational flexibility and safety in mind. The newly developed twin stand-up platform, for example, allows the operator to stand on both sides of the column. 

The operator can, therefore, swiftly move position from the right to the left side of the crane column to get the perfect vantage point, providing an optimal view of the working area at all times.

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