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Hanson order new marine aggregates dredger

Damen MAD 3500 marine dredger

Damen Shipyards Gorinchem to build innovative new vessel scheduled for delivery in early 2021

HANSON have given the green light to Damen Shipyards Gorinchem to build a new marine aggregates dredger to join their fleet.

The investment is part of the company’s overall strategy to replace its existing marine aggregates fleet. On delivery, expected in the first quarter of 2021, the new dredger will operate as part of Hanson Aggregates Marine, Europe’s largest producer of marine-dredged sand and gravel.

‘Marine aggregates are critical to Hanson’s UK business as they are used in around half of our ready-mixed concrete plants and are becoming more and more important due to the increasing scarcity of land-won sand and gravel, particularly around London and south-east England,’ said Simon Willis, Hanson’s chief executive officer.

The new vessel will be built in Galati, Romania. Its innovative design will provide increased payload and efficiency, which will allow it to carry up to 7,000 tonnes of marine aggregates per trip, as well as improved fuel consumption and operational and maintenance savings.

Other benefits will include: a focus on safety, performance and sustainability; reduced maintenance and increased uptime; a modular design for easy replacement of worn parts; exceptional stability offering crew comfort and the capability to work in rough seas; and fast and efficient dry-side unloading.

Mr Willis added: ‘Working sustainably is a key priority for us and, while the use of marine aggregates reduces the need for quarrying on land as well as the associated transport emissions, dredging the seabed brings with it a responsibility to protect the marine environment.

‘Damen Shipyards is aligned with our priorities and has a proven track record for sustainability and health and safety, and we are looking forward to working together to deliver this innovative new dredger.’

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