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Guide to GDPR and camera recording systems

Brigade guide to GDPR

Brigade create downloadable guide to new data legislation with regards to cameras and recording systems

BRIGADE Electronics have created a pack that customers can download from the company’s website ( which provides a detailed guide to the new data regulations with regards to vehicle cameras and recording equipment.

Emily Hardy, Brigade’s marketing manager, said: ‘Many customers remain unsure of the new data-protection legislation with some specifying vehicle cameras that do not identify members of the public for fear this will breach people’s privacy.


‘This has not been helped by a small number of vehicle CCTV manufacturers falsely claiming that their product is ‘GDPR compliant’. Added to this, information in the media has been general at best.

‘We have created a more comprehensive guide with scenarios to help our customers. Our message is simple: Operators should not fear the use of camera systems and digital recording, but should look at what policies they have in place, and we can help guide them.’

The upcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), which come into force in May 2018, stipulate how data should be protected and how people’s privacy should be respected.

Essentially, GDPR is about the process of how you keep data secure, who has access to that data, how long you keep it for and how you are going to tell people that you are using their personal data and for what reason.

A tangible product, therefore, cannot be GDPR compliant because the regulations are about the handling of data, although customers should always look for features and benefits that can help them to keep data secure.

Brigade’s MDR-50X-series digital recorder, for example, has new admin isolation rights that allow operators to control access to data so restricted users can only view footage and are unable to download or edit. This allows operators greater control over data and helps them to comply with regulations.

Another point to consider when purchasing such systems is whether the footage is protected. The MDR-50X-series digital recorder has a non-visible watermark so files that have been tampered with will not play. It also features password-protected software and a lockable hard drive to further prevent unauthorized access to data.

Emily Hardy continued: ‘Our GDPR pack looks at the use of stickers to inform people that the vehicle is recording, where they should be placed and the sorts of things they should say. In the pack is a new sticker that we can post to customers.

‘We also look at how operators can gain staff approval through training, the type of policies that should be in place, the length of time data may be stored, examples of when privacy should be respected and whether audio in the cab is justifiable.’

Brigade point out that the pack does not contain legal documents, merely a guide. Legal advice should be sought if operators wish to rely on the information.


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