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GroundProbe launch the RGR-Velox


Military-precision advanced doppler radar for reactive geohazard monitoring and alarming

GLOBAL technology specialists GroundProbe, part of Orica Monitor, have today launched what is said to be the industry’s most advanced doppler radar for reactive geohazard monitoring, the RGR-Velox.

RGR-Velox (Reactive Geohazard Radar) is a military-precision reactive monitoring and alarming system for tailings dam breaches, large slope failures, landslides etc. It detects, tracks and alarms on moving geohazards in real time, keeping people, assets and communities safe by giving warning of a breach or collapse.


The RGR-Velox is the latest technology to be born from GroundProbe’s R&D and product development programmes, and the most recent innovation to be added to their already extensive range of technologies and services. It is the company’s first product release in reactive monitoring, with GroundProbe now able to offer both predictive and reactive monitoring technologies.

GroundProbe’s predictive monitoring solutions (slope stability radars and lasers) detect and warn people and communities of impending mine collapses, dam failures, rockfalls, landslides etc, whilst the RGR-Velox reactive monitoring solution tracks and alarms on already moving geohazards post-collapse, giving early warning to take action or evacuate through alarm outputs such as lights, sirens, pagers or phones.

David Noon, chief executive officer of GroundProbe, said: ‘We already have the industry’s broadest range of geotechnical monitoring technologies and services, yet we continually strive to design and develop new solutions to best meet our customers’ needs.

‘This new technology was a true collaboration between many facets of our organization, a valued customer and a key partner. By having our customers actively participate in our product development process, we are able to co-create value and produce the most beneficial solution offering.’

According to GroundProbe, the RGR-Velox is the highest-precision, fastest-scanning and longest-range doppler radar in the market, using military-grade hardware combined with GroundProbe’s safety-critical software, alarming and systems to provide unrivalled confidence.

GroundProbe’s vice-president of technology, Fernanda Carrea, said the RGR-Velox would set the new standard in emergency geohazard monitoring. ‘The RGR-Velox sweep-scans an entire area instantly, much like taking a radar photograph, to capture actionable information as it happens and provide new details of the scene every 0.25 seconds,’ she explained.

‘Perhaps most impressive is the device’s ability to differentiate and locate small moving objects with precise accuracy, even when moving at just 0.05 metres per second. Its alarming capabilities are completely customizable, ensuring users are empowered to design alarms tailored entirely to their specific site challenges and conditions.’

Mr Noon added: ‘This latest piece of technology reinforces our number one value and commitment to safety. At GroundProbe, we aim to keep people, assets and communities safe through better risk management, and the RGR-Velox is the ultimate assistant in reactive safety monitoring.’


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