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Groeneveld appoint new Chinese distributor

Groeneveld appoint Chinese distributor

Lubricants specialist appoints Shanghai JF Industrial Technologies for north-east and eastern China regions

NETHERLANDS-based Groeneveld Lubrication Solutions have announced the appointment of Shanghai JF Industrial Technologies (SJF) as distributors for the north-east and eastern regions of China.

As a sister company of Winner Engineering, SJF have considerable experience in industrial lubrication systems and sealing solutions. Moreover, being part of a group of companies with more than 115 staff at seven key locations in north-east and eastern China, including two manufacturing sites in Shanghai, the company represents a solid partner for Groeneveld.

‘Together with the team of Groeneveld China, SJF will play an important role in strengthening our presence in China, where we see a growing demand for our products,’ commented Henk Groeneveld, president and CEO of the Groeneveld Group.

James Liu, managing director and owner of SJF Industrial Technologies, added: ‘The acceptance of high-end quality products and solutions is growing rapidly in the Chinese market. We have seen this with the industrial lubrication solutions from Woerner, as with the sealing products from James Walker. And we are confident that the quality products of Groeneveld will prove their value in many segments in the Chinese market as well.’

Working alongside Groeneveld China, SJF will have prime responsibility for offering class-leading support to existing customers in China, both end-customers and OEMs and their dealers.

Mr Liu sees great opportunities for Groeneveld. He commented: ‘Groeneveld products have proven their value all over the world. On trucks and trailers, in construction and mining equipment…With increased efficiency, reliability and uptime on the one hand, and reduced maintenance costs on the other, we are convinced that the Chinese market is ready for the high-end products that Groeneveld offer.’

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