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Gas pipeline go-ahead for Flogas Britain

Flogas Britain's LPG storage facility at Avonmouth, near Bristol Flogas Britain's LPG storage facility at Avonmouth, near Bristol

Company granted planning permission for pipeline into UK’s largest LPG storage facility

FLOGAS Britain, one of the UK’s leading liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) suppliers, have been granted planning permission to construct a gas pipeline from Bristol Port into the nation’s largest above-ground LPG storage terminal, at Avonmouth, near Bristol.

Once complete, the pipeline will link the UK to a diverse, global supply of off-grid gas, providing security of supply and enhancing affordability for off-grid mining and quarrying businesses. It will also play an important role in the decarbonization of off-grid Britain, in line with the Government’s 2050 net-zero target.


With planning permission now in place, Flogas (part of DCC plc) are now actively talking to potential partners from across the entire supply chain, who want to join them in creating a dependable, affordable, and greener off-grid fuel supply for the UK.

Flogas say they are fully committed to meeting net-zero targets and securing a low-carbon future, so planning approval for the pipeline marks a major milestone for the business. According to the company, LPG is the cleanest, most efficient conventional off-grid fuel available, and mining and quarrying businesses transitioning from oil will benefit from significant carbon savings and improved air quality, as it emits far fewer pollutant emissions.

As well as importing LPG, the pipeline will have the capability to import Bio-LPG, which is a fully renewable green gas alternative. Additionally, it will provide access to emerging sources of renewable fuels not currently manufactured or available in the UK, helping to further future-proof Britain’s supply of low-carbon off-grid fuels. Flogas say there will be clear affordability benefits too, as access to global markets will increase supplier options and reduce the UK’s reliance on its diminishing refinery network.

Starting at Bristol Port with a new, state-of-the-art unloading facility, the pipeline will largely follow existing pipeline routes through predominantly industrial areas, to the Flogas Avonmouth storage facility. Running safely underground and out of site, the twin pipeline will vastly increase the availability of LPG and Bio-LPG, allowing up to 20,000 tonnes of commodity to be safely and securely discharged from a ship in 24 hours.

The Flogas Avonmouth storage facility is the largest of its kind in the UK, with the capacity to store 34,564 tonnes of LPG. Formerly owned by National Grid, the facility was previously only able to store liquefied natural gas, but work is currently under way to convert it to an LPG and Bio-LPG storage facility.

Lee Gannon, Flogas Britain’s managing director, said: ‘The granting of planning permission is the final piece in the jigsaw for this ground-breaking project, as we already have the Avonmouth storage facility and agreement in principle from Bristol Port and landowners for the pipeline route.

‘This means we’re now perfectly placed to start talking to prospective partners from across the supply chain who want to join us in this venture. Avonmouth offers an excellent collaborative opportunity, one that will provide important access to the global market and enhance security of supply to our off-grid customers. It’s also completely future ready and will be key in helping businesses make that important energy transition to net-zero emissions.

‘The next phase of design is currently under way and with completion of construction potentially as early as 2025, we will soon have locked in a direct link between our storage facility and world supply of existing and upcoming carbon-free fuels.

‘As an energy supplier that is committed to meeting net-zero targets, we fully support heat pumps and other renewable power supplies, but for many off-grid businesses they can be either unsuitable or unaffordable. For these customers, LPG is the perfect off-grid transition fuel away from oil, and this pipeline will increase its affordability and supply.’

George Webb, chief executive officer of Liquid Gas UK (LGUK), added: ‘The new Avonmouth facility marks a significant step in the import and supply of renewable liquid gases here in the UK. The site will enable a much greater storage capacity of LPG and renewable liquid gases, which will, in turn, strengthen the supply chain and make a significant contribution to the future resilience of the industry as a whole.

‘The new pipeline demonstrates Flogas’s commitment to facilitate the development of renewable fuels in the UK, helping residents and businesses on the road to net-zero emissions. It’s fantastic news, and great progress for the decarbonization of off-grid Britain.’


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