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Flogas bolster clean energy proposition with Protech acquisition

Lee Gannon

New offering helps UK businesses transition to net zero emissions  

As part of the energy transition to a lower carbon future, off-grid energy solutions providers Flogas Britain, part of DCC plc, have acquired Protech Group – a move that significantly strengthens their range of future-proof energy solutions and broadens their customer base. Flogas add a full suite of low-carbon and renewable technologies to their portfolio, as well as a market-leading maintenance and service offering. Leading with energy; the company is fully focused on transitioning customers to net zero.

From June, Flogas will offer commercial and industrial customers a wide range of alternative heating and cooling solutions, including air-source and ground-source heat pumps, solar PV, and hybrid systems. It will also provide a comprehensive range of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) solutions, maintenance services and water management. By adding these solutions, Flogas are now fully equipped to help businesses as they work to meet legally binding carbon-reduction targets. 

Lee Gannon, Flogas managing director, said: ‘Bringing Protech on board has taken our energy offering to the next level. This is a key strategic move, allowing us to develop and broaden our range of future-proof solutions. It also shows how serious we are about meeting our 2040 ambition to provide 100% renewable energy solutions for our customers. We now have the right energy proposition and expertize in place to help UK businesses reach pressing sustainability targets. And we’ll do it all – from bespoke design, through to installation, commissioning, and on-going support. 

‘The move also significantly enhances our wider maintenance and services offering, making us a real one-stop shop. This brings us closer to our customers and broadens our reach substantially, taking us firmly into the on-grid community too. It’s a fantastic springboard for the company and we can’t wait to get started.’ 

Ross Docherty, Protech director, added: ‘We’ve already worked with Flogas on a number of successful projects, so we know there’s great synergy there and excellent scope for cross selling our services. We’ve had tremendous success at Protech as an SME, but with the power and backing of a renowned brand like Flogas, this is the perfect platform to strengthen our offering and expand our reach like never before. 

‘Together with Flogas we’ll combine our expertize and help companies nationwide map out their journey to reach net zero. For most, this is a transition, not an instant solution, and that’s where we come in – we’ll provide completely tailored, efficient energy solutions that help businesses reach their emissions targets at their own pace, and affordably.’

As Flogas shift their customers towards a lower carbon future, they continues to provide leading liquid gas solutions. Liquid gas is the cleanest, most efficient conventional off-grid fuel available. Customers switching from other fuels, like oil, benefit from significant carbon savings and better air quality with fewer pollutant emissions. Flogas are also investing in other green gases, such as bio propane, renewable DME and green ammonia.

‘We know liquid gas has a key role to play in the energy transition for off-grid Britain,’ added Mr Gannon. ‘That’s why we’ve invested heavily in creating the UK’s largest LPG storage terminal in Avonmouth, Bristol. When this is fully operational later this year, we’ll be able to provide an unparalleled, dependable nationwide supply as demand grows. We’ve also designed this storage facility to be completely future ready, so it’ll be compatible with renewable future fuels. This, together with our newly enhanced clean energy offering from Protech, marks our unwavering commitment to a lower carbon future.’

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